Lab Manager Interface Jan. 2007

  1. Attribute Display
  2. Blade Chooser
  3. Blade Mapping
  4. Change Icon
  5. Chassis List
  6. Chassis Remapping
  1. Device Type Edit
  2. Device Add
  3. Device Attributes
  4. Device Edit
  5. Device List
  6. Domain Create
  1. Reports List
  2. Reservation List
  3. User Create
  4. User List
  5. Zlink List
  6. Zlink Mapping

This recent freelance project involved creating the visual interface for a web app, that was programmed in-house at Eden Tree. After much discussion,usability adviceand mockups in favor of a user friendly layout, the client requested that the site content remain visible above the scroll (?), be constrained within a small scrollable area, within a set height. This gave me the opportunity, then, to work with acss styled frame which changes from layout to layout (depending on what content area is expected to scroll), although this type of layout would not be my choice. I was also pleasantly introduced to theTango Desktop Projectwhile doing icon research. I used their icons througout the interface.

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